Friday, 28 March 2014

A New Unit

When we bought our house my husband and I moved from a large four bedroom rental, with massive rooms, to a smaller 3 bedroom home. This caused a few issues as we had bought our furniture to fill the vast spaces of our old house.
 As you can see this TV unit clearly doesn't fit into our more modest lounge room! we had spent some money to buy this one new and I didn't feel like shelling out for another new unit so I started to explore the possibilities (i.e. spending far too much time trawling through Pinterest and some beloved home decor blogs). I found this one on Pinterest from Our Blue Front Door:
  So the hunt was on for the perfect chest of draws for me to turn into a T.V. unit, had just a few requirements: it had to be solid, cheap and made out of wood - to fit in with the country cottage vibe I had planned for our house. Eventually I came across the perfect piece:

This dresser was old, dirty and had the most horrible paint job but underneath it was solid wood and with a little TLC I knew it would be perfect. I took off the mirror, stripped back the paint and added a shelf were the top draw used to be. Its addition to the lounge room has really opened it up making it feel much bigger! here is the finished product: 

have a nice day.


Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello and welcome to my new blog! i'm new to the blogging world and i'm trying to get everything sorted out. will be posting content soon. if you like cooking, craft or refashioning please stop in and check it out.

Have a good day!