Wednesday, 2 September 2015

O Summer, Where Art Thou

As I was driving home from work today, creeping along to avoid hydroplaning off the road, knuckles white on the steering wheel (yes, I'm being overly dramatic... but not much) I couldn't help thinking wistfully of warmer weather to come (we had a brief glimpse last week but it seems to have gone away again...) anyway, all this to say I had water and warmer weather on my mind, which reminded me of this little refashion I did yonks ago... people who know me (and anyone who follows me on Instagram) know that these are fairly old as I've had a little hair change since then! Enough of my rambling, you want pictures! I bought this little number in a second hand shop in Gawler for $1 because it made me think of the sea and sailing ships, I'm a huge fan of all things nautical (just as long as I don't have to get on said ship!) and thought I could make something of this!
Tribbles is trying to get in on the action!
 Clearly it was too big and not overly attractive! But I took it in, gave it a new hem and swapped out the buttons for some slightly more nautical ones (it's hard to see in the picture but they are navy with gold anchors). I styled it with a gold 'rope' necklace and navy tights as well as my standard ankle boots and leather satchel.