Thursday, 25 May 2017

Life Lately // All The Things!

'Kevin' the cat who's taken to living on our front porch

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, let alone an update on what’s been going on around here – and let’s be honest that has been a lot! So, what has been keeping me from updating this little space on the internet? Mostly my complete lack of internet! Since I moved into the new house we have had nothing but the measly mobile data supplied on our phone plans – not quite enough for blogging! I’ve missed writing (and reading all the other wonderful blogs) a lot but I have been finding ways to keep extremely busy while I’ve been sans internet. Here’s what I’ve been up to of late:

Working, working and working! Work has been crazy busy and I’ve yet to have a day off this term, as well as taking on a big project that’s eating up some of my free time as well, It’s hard but I’m learning new skills as well.

Planning a big party that we held last weekend – watch this space for all the details (I won’t drop the ball again, promise!)

All the cleaning and unpacking! We’re not finished yet but the house has been scrubbed within an inch of its life and I’ve unpacked enough boxes to build a small house out of! The end is definitely in sight, even if a few doors are still kept firmly shut against the mountains of clutter to be sorted!

Getting rid of carpets! It’s certainly not a task I anticipated embarking on so soon after moving into a new place but the dogs managed to rip a hole in the hallway carpets within days of moving in – so I started the monumental task of ripping them out, stripping back the awful 80s adhesive underlay, sanding and polishing… I’m currently on step two due to a complete lack of time but it’s been great to see the wooden boards emerging. I’m also very glad for my prior experience in my old house as it means I’m not stressing about it – I know just how long this task can take and I also know how satisfying it will all be once I have it looking nice!

Quadrant ensuring that there was no way Mark could leave her at the shelter!

Quadrant cat – another stray has wondered into our lives and taken up residence in our lounge room (not to mention Kevin, the cat that’s decided to live on our porch, definitely not a stray but still wants to live in our house!)

And here are the little things filling my day to day with joy:
My new literary obsession! 

Watching: old episodes of Hart of Dixie - pure escapism in the best form!
Reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - I just started and I already love it.
Listening to: the contented purrs of a cat that's finally found a loving home (not to mention the loud yelling when she's hungry!)
Cooking: not much - I'm still drowning in leftovers from the party!
Feeling: Tired - I've had so much going on lately that it's doing me in! In the best way possible!
Planning: lots of lessons in the unlikely subjects of Biology and Cooking!
Loving: the idea of a relaxed weekend at home.
Enjoying: starting to see some progress around the house.

Little things of note:

  • We've booked all our eating spots for our holiday to the States and I'm finally starting to get excited (food makes everything seem real!)
  • I've signed up for the next Hogwarts Running Club medal which means I'm still in the running for the Challenge Medal at the end of the year!
  • My craft room/office space is starting to take shape - after nearly two years without one I'm more than a little excited!
  • The Quadrant cat has been half killing mice so they crawl away and die and I have to hunt down their bodies before the house starts to smell too bad! (I'm sure you were all dying for that piece of information!)