Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wardrobe Orphans

Every time I clean out my wardrobe there are a few items that I just can't get rid of... but, for one reason or another, I never actually wear them. I thought I should challenge myself to find some ways to wear them or I couldn't justify keeping them. So I am starting a series of posts on these wardrobe orphans to find ways to use them. In this post I will introduce you to a few pieces in my wardrobe and over the next few weeks I will show you a few ways I have found to wear them.

So the first item:

I loved this top when I first bought it and I did wear it... back when my style consisted of jeans and top for a night out. Now my style has evolved it seems to casual, on its own, for a night out but I have never transitioned it to daytime wear. Now it's time to do Just that.

The second item:

  I can't remember when or were I bought this top. I love the lace and the design of the top but it has always seemed too gothic for my style. I love the detail of the lace:
I am determined to find a place for this top in my regular wardrobe.

The last item: 
 This top was given to me by one of my good friends. I love the bright pink colour which you can really see in this close up of the lining:
I'm not really sure why I haven't worn it... again I think it has to do with my thinking I should be wearing it out at night not just for grocery shopping and other errands. 

Now I can't wait to try find outfits to wear them in!  

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  1. Hehe... you bought the second item with me! I bought the same top in green instead of red and a full black top. I no longer have those tops for the very reason you've posted yours here. Good luck! Julia xx