Monday, 5 May 2014

Little Things make an Outfit

I love layering my clothes. Why? because it's the little additions that make an outfit for me. A cute dress or top only goes so far an outfit needs a great necklace or a hat to finish it off. For this outfit I added a black wool beret I found at Salvos for $1, a pretty scarf and some pattered stockings to make an alright outfit into something really nice.
Hat and Belt: Salvos // Dress and Stockings: Big W // Scarf: Random little shop i.e. I can't remember! (Similar found Here or Here)

   To get this look with the scarf i looped it round my neck and tied the ends together to make it a temporary infinity scarf! This outfit really has my favorite accessories: hats, scarves, belts and pattered stockings - the only thing missing is a statement necklace!

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