Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Autumn Layers

I love autumn, the weather is cooling down but it's not so cold that it feels like Antarctica if you go out without a coat! For a lovely crisp day nothing is better than a long shirt, tights and a light jacket. To complete the outfit I threw on my beloved fedora, a pair of healed ankle boots and a few layers of necklaces. I love these necklaces, they are quirky and add a little personality to my outfit. I'm wearing an owl (a bit hard to see in these photos), a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who and both a serotonin and a dopamine molecule. The Shoes were $5 from Salvos and the Jacket was from the local thrift store. I love the cut and colour of this jacket and it was a steal at $4! In recent news I have started having allergic reactions to much of my make up and beauty products and have been madly searching for replacements - preferably more natural products. I'm thinking as I search I might write reviews of some of the products I try, what do you think?          

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