Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Outfit: Horses for Courses

Sometimes something so big happens in your life that you can't imagine life even continuing... that was my February. Two of my loved ones passed last month. But life does continue and part of that means getting back to the things I like to do, like blogging... it just feels wrong to write anything on my little corner of the internet without acknowledging these two very important people. First I lost my beautiful baby girl, my puppy Echo, in a car accident... My home and my heart is empty without her.
My beautiful Echo, gone but never forgotten

Only a few weeks later a dear friend of mine, Sharon, lost her battle with cancer and I had to say goodbye to her, I am thankful that I could be with her at the end and she holds a piece of my heart with her. I considered her to be family and I know she thought of me that way too.

Me with my good friends Mark and Sharon 

One thing Sharon and I shared was a love of craft and creating things and since this little blog is inspired by all of that I feel like she would want me to get back into it and share my passions with anyone who is willing to read my ramblings! To ease back into it all I'm sharing an autumn appropriate outfit, despite the fact that here in sweaty South Australia autumn doesn't seem to want to show it's head... well, we have wind and rain a plenty... but only one or two days where stockings were appropriate! (and probably only that because I'm a cold fish!)  

These photos were taken at Dead Man's Pass, a park in Gawler. Dead Man's Pass was home to Adelaide cross-country horse jumping course and walking through the park you come across many old jumps around the place. While I would love it if this kind of eventing still happened in Gawler, the overgrown jumps do make an excellent backdrop for photos! Now let's talk about the clothes: these shorts were thrifted from a local (to Gawler) shop for just $1 and I think they do all the talking for this outfit! To balance out their obvious bright pattern I opted to pair them with a neutral pallet... some added detail in the form of the lace vest(?) and pompom scarf (both thrifted) stop this outfit from being boring! Paired with some semi opaques and my trusty boots made it the perfect outfit for a lazy afternoon wandering the park.  

Bye for now
A xx

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