Thursday, 23 March 2017

Life Lately // Life is Actually Pretty Good

Breakfast in the Barossa after a 6am wake up to get my car serviced 
Our lives are filled with Pinterest perfect images and the perfectly coordinated tones of Instagram, the curated lives of bloggers and the perfect shot posted to social media - it's enough to get you down! You find yourself wondering why your life isn't as pretty, perfect or well lit as all those online but, of course, neither are those shining example we find and greedily pin to our virtual pin boards. They are but a snap shot, a perfectly curated part of someones life, after all, who uploads a photo when they are sick in bed or when the dishes haven't been done in a few crazy day or you continuously seem to forget to bring the broom home from the other house (just me? ok then!)
A sneak peek at my new house with all it's red bench tops and faux wood panelling - definitely not Pinterest material!

These thoughts have been whizzing around my head a lot lately and, while I don't tend to document this stuff on my blog, I though this topic was maybe one I needed to write down and put out there. How do you write a lifestyle blog if you don't do anything interesting? I kept asking myself that and putting off posting until I did something 'blog worthy' but, of course, that's the wrong approach - my lifestyle blog should showcase my life and actually, my life ain't half bad right now!  
The hallway! A full 'before' house tour to follow - watch this space!

People who know me IRL know that I'm a bit of control freak (this is where I lose people because they are laughing so hard at the understatement of the year!) - I have to do everything myself because, in my mind, I'm the only person who can do it 'right,' most of this stems from my need to prove that, actually, I am very capable and I don't need someone else to tell me how to do things. This mentality has both been great, because I learn new skills and have become very capable in many different areas, and really stressful, because I need to do it all myself and really hate people helping - unless they are prepared to default to my clearly superior (read the sarcasm) way of doing things (i.e. letting me be the queen of my castle - and not always a nice one at that!) All that to say - sometimes I stress a lot, sometimes I need to step back and remind myself that life isn't always a perfectly curated Instagram feed, sometimes I need to remember that even if my life isn't picture perfect it can still be pretty damn great! So today I'm grateful my house is a mess because moving to my new home is taking precedent over cleaning; I'm grateful for coffee on the go because I don't have time for a relaxing cup of tea; I'm grateful for all those people who are still offering help despite my exacting standards and I'm grateful for you - whoever you are, reading this blog, being a part of my life in any way - thank you!

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