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Why You Should #ChooseChocolate This Easter // Keeping Your Bunny Happy

Regarding the Secret Life of Rabbits

So you're thinking about getting a bunny this Easter? Easter and bunnies go hand in hand, it seems like a no brainer, right? Wrong. The decision to get a bunny is a big one, despite what many pet shops, books and websites will tell you, bunnies are not simple starter pets, they are exotic animals that need a lot of specialised care. This series of posts will take you through the basics of feeding, housing, heath care, happiness and cost to help you decide if buying a bunny is really the right choice for you.

Keeping your bunny happy 


Bunnies are social animals who require companionship to be happy, you can achieve this in different ways. A bunny can bond with you if they are free range in your house and you are home a lot of the time, if you choose to keep your bunny in a playpen, if you work or spend a lot of time outside the house or if you don’t have the time to sit and play with your bunny for hours out of the day you will want to consider getting two bunnies. Bunnies pair bond, meaning they will form a very strong bond with their partner, however bonding bunnies is not always the easiest task. Just like humans and other animals some bunnies will have personality clashes and won’t get on. So, how can you ensure you will get a pair of bunnies to bond? Firstly, you could try adopting a pair of bunnies who are already bonded, this ensures they are already suited to each other and makes it possible for them to stay together. Secondly, ensure your bunny has been spayed or neutered, it is easier to bond bunnies without all of those hormones getting in the way, it is usually easier to bond male and female pairs however it is very important that both bunnies have been de-sexed before you begin or else you will end up with unwanted babies. It is not impossible to bond same sex pairs but a little extra patience is often needed and you need to ensure you are trying to bond complimenting personality types. Thirdly, you could try bunny ‘speed dating’ some shelters will allow you to bring your bunny in and meet prospective friends before you adopt one, if you are adopting two at the same time your shelter should be able to help you pick a pair who get along and give you tips on the bonding process. If you are bonding your bunnies at home, by yourself, you need to ensure your bunnies are never left alone together during the bonding process and that you have learnt the signs of stress and aggression in bunnies, if a fight were to break out bunnies are very capable of doing serious damage to each other. The House Rabbit Society has some excellent guidelines and tips to help you ensure your bunnies are safe and happy during the bonding process.  


Bunnies are very intelligent and active creatures, they need lots of exercise and toys to keep their minds active. This is particularly important if you decide to keep your bunny in a smaller area such as a playpen. One thing you can do is to regularly rearrange your bunnies’ playpen as this gives them a chance to explore the area and keep their mind sharp and active.
Treat dispensing toy from MoSuKi

Treat and puzzle toys such as these ones from MoSuKi are excellent as they keep your bunnies mind occupied as they learn how to get treats out, other good toys include hard plastic cat toys and baby toys such as balls, stacking cups and some teething toys. Make sure all toys are inspected regularly and that your bunny can’t chew parts off and swallow them, hard plastic or safe woods are a good option.

Homemade Toys

There are also many good options for cheap, homemade toys, Bunnies love cardboard boxes that they can chew on and sit in, you can also give them old toilet roll tubes either stuffed with hay and a few treats for them to find or empty for them to chew on and throw around. Just make sure that any boxes you give them are free from staples and toxic glues. If your bunny loves rearranging their house then they might like a digging box – find a box and fill it with shredded paper for them to dig in and rearrange to their hearts content. If you are stuck for ideas I have found heaps of great options on Pinterest, you can check out my board here or search up plenty of ideas yourself.  

A great article with suggested home made toys for bunnies here

Check back next week for a run down on bunny health care.  

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