Friday, 21 October 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week

The first week back of term is always a bad one for me, I'm a person of routine and going back to the uncertainty of relief of work is always difficult for me, because of that I find I need to really focus on the little things - even if they aren't the most exciting!
  1. Catching up with my Dad in Burra last weekend - lunch, cider tasting and coffee with scones, the perfect way to end the holidays.
  2. Putting on classical music for the bunnies and watching them relax - it helps drown out distractions and makes them feel calm enough to stretch out and sleep.
  3. Pub takeaway for dinner on Wednesday night - didn't have to cook and for once it wasn't even soggy! 
  4. Watching old episodes from the first season of Gilmore Girls - even if it's mildly scary that I'm now closer to the age of Lorelei than Rory! 
  5. Being able to take off my jacket yesterday and enjoy the sunshine in a light weight shirt.
  6. An unexpected two days at work for the week.
  7. My holds coming in at the library - new books to read always make me happy!
  8. Hot cups of earl grey tea.
  9. Lego bunnies arriving in the mail - since Mark's Lego takes up such a large part of our house I decided we needed some bunnies to add to the collection.
  10. Being able to see a noticeable improvement in Akela's training - sometimes it takes ages to start seeing results but it's so rewarding when you do!

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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