Sunday, 16 October 2016

Outfit: End of the Line

Hello, it's been awhile, hey? These last two weeks have just flown by! I always have grand plans for lots of blogging over the holidays and it just never happens but, rest assured, I have gathered lots of content that I'll be putting up over the coming weeks! Holidays seem to end up as a mad flurry of activity, some fun and some boring, but having Mark home from work does not put me in a working mood! These holidays have consisted of house work and yard work (the boring), a couple of trips into Port Pirie and a whirlwind trip to the Barossa Valley to have a look at cars (and a cheeky meal out). This little outfit was worn on one of the trips to Pirie and we stopped off in Gladstone to snap a few shots. It's a simple outfit but was comfortable for pottering around town and the lovely weather we managed allowed me to get away with just a light cardigan. I was gifted the beautiful Pandora snowflake charm earlier this year for my birthday and have finally, after much umming and ahhing, got myself a bracelet to put it on. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get a bracelet or just hang it from a chain as a pendant as I don't really like the traditional Pandora bead charms. Eventually I settled on a small bangle style bracelet, I can then hang a few more of the pendant style charms if I decide I want to but it's not big enough to clog up with the bead charms! (Who knew I had so much to say about a bracelet!)

Outfit details: Hat - The Shoe Shed (old) // Blouse - Thrifted // Cardigan - Thrifted // Jeans - Big W (Similar) // Boots - Target // Rings - Lovisa // Bracelet - Pandora


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