Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Weekend Wanderings: A Team Reunion

After a false start on Friday (getting land locked by flooding) I ventured down to Adelaide on Saturday to catch up with some old friends. My friends, Amy and Angela, both came over from interstate and we hadn't all been in the same state for about 5 years! We stayed at Amy's brother's house and used it as a base camp to go out and explore the city like we use to do when we were younger. We started the night off at Casablabla where we shared some tapas and caught up on everything that's been going on in each others lives. Shortly after we had eaten we were joined by another old friend, Raima, who still lives locally and agreed to show us some of the better places to go in the city, now that we are no longer university students!

Hummus, pumpkin and beetroot dips - yum!

L-R Amy, Angela and Raima

After we had eaten our fill, and made a quick detour to pose with the famous Rundle Mall pigs (and recreate some old photos from the last time we all went out together), we headed to 2K.W. a sophisticated bar situated on the 8th floor of it's building. Raima treated us all to cocktails (thanks Raima!) and we sipped on them overlooking the views of the city.

The view from 2K.W

Our cocktails - The Jam Factory

After indulging in a cocktail over looking the city of Adelaide we headed to Bank Street which had, in my opinion, excellent decor with exposed brick walls and bare Edison bulbs. The place, however, was a bit over crowded and while enjoyable enough (we found a seat and continued to talk) didn't hold our attention for long! Being slightly older now than when we first spent time in the city we all decided to call it a night and headed home! It was amazing to reunite the A Team (Amy, Angela + Anya) after so long apart, as well as get to know Raima a little better and I'm looking forward to the next reunion!  

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