Friday, 4 November 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

Well, here we are again, another week has passed, another hectic week I might add! I'd tell you all about my week but this post is suppose to be the happy things and this week hasn't been the best. So this weeks list is the epitome of finding the silver lining, let's get straight to listing those little bright parts of the week:

  1. Going to a 'Stranger Things' exhibition that was on in the city last weekend.
  2. Finishing 'What Alice Forgot' and crossing another book off of my 'to read' list.  
  3. Spending some time bonding with my bunnies over a banana.
  4. Cups of tea with apple tea cake.
  5. Crossing things off my to do list - I've felt a little snowed in recently and crossing off some tasks has been such a relief.
  6. Catching up with some of Mark's family after our visit to the city.
  7. A really successful class at work on Thursday - everything just clicked into place and left me feeling really focused.
  8. Wearing my new overalls, comfy and stylish.
  9.  Finding three pairs of jeans at Savers for less than I would have paid for new jeans. 
  10. Finally being able to walk Akela - getting out in the fresh air and walking off some of his energy.   

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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