Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Goals: 30 before 30


At the end of last year, when I had just moved house and gone through some pretty tough times, I wrote this list. 30 things I want to achieve before I am 30 years old. Since then my life has changed drastically all over again - some positive but also many negative. For the last 12 months I have quietly got on with some of these tasks but for many others the list has been pushed aside and forgotten about. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been feeling very uninspired of late, so I have dug that list up and I've decided to post it on here! Accountability and all that!

So, a bit of preface to the list: I will turn 30 in July of 2018 that give me just over a year and a half to complete the list! Also, I've had to change one item on the list. Those who know me IRL know that I had a dog when I wrote this list, she was my very best friend, one task involved her and us working together, when she passed away in February of this year I was absolutely gutted. I did not intend on getting another dog and I thought my list would just stay at 29 before 30... But, a chance encounter with another puppy softened my resolve, enter Akela - This little boy has gotten under my skin and into my heart, he in no way replaces my beautiful Echo but he has helped me heal. Consequently I have changed my initial goal to one shared with him, in honour of my beautiful Echo.

With that preamble out of the way, here's my list! I promise to post updates between now and my 30th birthday!

  1. Go on another overseas holiday
  2. Move into a bigger house – preferably my own!
  3. Get my blog off the ground with regular posts and readers
  4. Perfect my blog design
  5. Start an Etsy shop (or similar)
  6. Get my arrow and snowflake tattoos
  7. Get a good sized Christmas tree and fill it with homemade and special decorations
  8. Get back into running
  9. Complete one of my manuscripts
  10. Make crafts from my Pinterest craft board – including learning new skills
  11. Get back into scrapbooking
  12. Holiday around SA (camping and pet friendly)
  13. Get to know my local area
  14. Get a new camera and learn to use it properly to take great photos
  15. Be confident in myself and be more assertive (work through my anxiety)
  16. Live a healthier lifestyle (run, eat better, drink more water)
  17. Entertain more
  18. Decorate my house – including a gallery wall and styled shelves/mantle
  19. Read through my (current) Goodreads list (was 78 books now down to 47)
  20. Organise my house and schedule
  21. Get on top of the sewing/craft projects I have planned
  22. Start a herb and vegi garden
  23. Get a puppy and work to train it/ form a bond (Akela had not been named when this addition was made!)
  24. Be a good bunny mum – make sure they always have plenty of toys and a balanced diet
  25. Have regular ‘date nights’
  26. Have regular ‘pamper nights’
  27. Learn to make my own beauty products – bath bombs, scrubs etc
  28. Spend time with family
  29. Start a regular ‘smash book’ type journal    
  30. Enjoy life!

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