Friday, 8 July 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week


For some reason today words just won't come - don't get me wrong the happy list was surprisingly easy to write this time but trying to come up with an introduction just seems like hard work. Might be  because it's the last day of the term and my brain has switched into holiday mode or it might be the lack of sleep I've had this week (Thanks so much animals!) In any case, I wrote the list first and have been trying to add the words and something to giggle over - blogger is not behaving! If the formatting on the post is strange it's because I've given up... let's see how we go!

  1. Planning for the holidays and catching up with lots of my lovely friends.
  2. My appointments all falling into place - no awkward clashes, extra days added or long boring waits.
  3. A few unexpected days at work this week - so welcome before the holidays.
  4. Scully Kisses - she's usually the least affectionate of the bunnies but she showed me some love this week.
  5. Cadbury Oreo bars - yum. 
  6. Left over pasta for lunch two days in a row.
  7. Cooking real meals again - I've been feeling flat and lazy recently but this week I upped my game and it was so good to have real homemade meals again.
  8. A birthday card driving in the post from one of my main ladies (Thanks Amy, it really made my day!)
  9. The unfettered joy that permeated the school I worked at today - That real end of term feeling.
  10. The great pile of books sitting and waiting for me to get stuck into over the holidays.  

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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