Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Life lately: Wednesday update

A quick update on what my life consists of during these dreary winter days (someone bring back the sun already!)

Watching: Early episodes of Haven
Reading: Horns by Joe Hill
Listening to: Marina and the Diamonds and Alex Winston
Cooking: Crockpot Quinoa Chili, one of my favourite recipes, looking forward to dinner!
Feeling: Cold, also cautiously optimistic
Planning: Many good things! Including a potential puppy, house and holiday - details to come
Loving: Looking back on all my animals' baby photos for my 'Introducing' posts (if you missed them: Jack, Tribbles, Hutchinson, Daisy)
Enjoying: Endless cups of hot tea on cold afternoons

Little things of note:

  • I've been up since 4.30 this morning when Jack decided he didn't feel well and needed cuddles - fuzzy brain caused by lack of sleep made me forget to put dinner on this morning and Mark had to dash home at lunch! He's such a trooper.
  • Mark bought Tribbles a laser pointer and whenever we stop playing with her she starts to meow  at us- she know exactly where that dot is coming from!
  • Thermal scarves are the best. Hands down. That is all.
Hope you all had a good Wednesday - only two more days until the weekend!
A xx 

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