Monday, 25 July 2016

Introducing: Dana Scully

Meet Scully:

Scully is a Dutch Rabbit who I rescued from the AWL. I had been looking at adopting a pair of lops but when I called up to enquire about them they had been adopted out that morning, not quite ready to give up on adopting another pair of rabbits I kept looking at the AWL webpage until a 'Fox Mulder' appeared on the list. This felt right but I wanted a pair not a single bunny, a few weeks later Scully was put up for adoption and it felt like fate. Scully and Mulder (who I'll introduce you to next week) were not bonded and had never met before I went into the adoption centre but I asked the lady there if we could introduce them - they were calm and sniffing each other within about 5 minutes of meeting so they both came home with me that afternoon! Here's what you need to know about Scully:

  • While Scully is a Dutch Rabbit she also does not fit the breed standards as her white stripe does not go all the way around her body.
  • She was the first of the two little ones I cuddled at the AWL and we bonded almost instantly, she relaxed for the first time since we had come into the room and snuggled up to me and from that moment I knew there was no way I was leaving without her!
  • Scully is very shy and has taken a long time to relax into her environment, she isn't completely happy unless Mulder is by her side and I walk past her play pen and talk to her and pat her regularly. 
  • Scully is much younger than I was originally told - the people at the AWL said she was fully grown but my vet told me she was still a baby - she's grown a fair bit since coming home with me too!
  • Dutch rabbits are not a dwarf breed making her the largest of all my bunnies, she weighs about 2.2KG and could well put on another 300-400g before she stops growing.
  • She likes to sit on my shoulder and lay her side against my cheek.
I love my little baby girl to bits, here are a few more of my favourite photos:

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