Friday, 27 May 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

Another week has passed and it's Friday again and to be completely honest I am very glad to see the back of this week, it has not been the best. It stared last weekend and, while I won't go into details as it's all very personal and complicated, it left me spending the week trying to pick up the pieces of my own feelings of confidence and self worth. However this weekend I am spending with my family for my brothers 30th and we interact in the comfortable, happy, silence of all good introverted relationships (see above comic) so it should be a relaxing and restorative one. But focusing on the negatives is not what Friday's happy list is for and amongst the negativity that has surrounded this week I have stopped to appreciate a few little things too. Stoping to savour those things is becoming easier and easier the more I write these little posts which is also something to be happy about.

  1. Crossing things off my to do list - mostly mundane house chores like packing away all my summer clothes but still immensely satisfying. 
  2. Waking up earlier in the mornings - while it's been a struggle my days have been more productive and I feel much more satisfied at the end of the night. 
  3. Reading 'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking' - I've been reading this book for a few weeks and I'm loving it, it's reminded me why I find psychology so interesting as well as really helping me understand the way my personality type works. It also highlights why out cultural preference for extroversion is misguided and shows the value of introversion in many different settings (including business and other typical extrovert orientated career choices). It's not only fascinating and useful but also reassuring that despite many opinions there is nothing wrong with the introverted personality type (mini review over - I'm just loving it so much!)
  4. Spending a few hours yesterday playing with my housemates camera - it's much better than mine so I've commandeered it for blog use!
  5. Very excited bunny faces when I give them their breakfast - so adorable.
  6. A quick chat with one of my best friends, who I don't get to see much of anymore - plus excited planning for a reunion in September/October. 
  7. The new bunny decal I got for my computer - no more frustrating laptop swaps for me and Mark! 
  8. Doing some colouring - I'm definitely on board with the adult colouring in craze and don't want it to end any time soon!
  9. Realising that Rome wasn't built in a day... and neither in a home - I've been very frustrated this last week with the little shoebox rental I live in, and my desire to be somewhere bigger, have this place organised etc has been getting me down but a few refreshingly honest blog posts have helped me realise that it  takes time and work (and sometimes many set backs to get where you want to be). Reading Vicki's old post on their home owning setback as well as her later posts on home renovations remind me even those picture perfect homes take time and overcome hurdles. Another refreshing and inspirational read that's helped me come to this (clearly groundbreaking) conclusion is Victoria's posts on buying their crumbling home and then their struggles to renovate it. Hilarious and so motivating, even if it does make me even more anxious to hear news on my potential crumbling home. 
  10. Surprise leftover for lunch today - thanks to a certain housemate of mine forgetting to take them to work, bonus! 
Hope you all have great weekends and the weather is kinder to you than it's being to me right now!
A xx

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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