Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Outfit: And Your Bird Can Sing

These photo's were taken on a lovely sunny day out in the Barossa Valley a few weeks ago, right now I'm not sure where all that lovely sun has gone! I'm definitely not ready for winter yet! I met my friend Mark and we had lunch at Peter Lehmann's winery (the lovely platter above) and he played photographer for me to get these outfit photos (I'd say 'thanks Mark' only I'm fairly sure he will never read this!) After lunch we headed to Chateau Yaldara, home of 1847 Wines for a cheeky wine tasting session (they were pretty good).

The outfit is a bit of a hodgepodge and is mostly made up of things that have been in my closet for so long I don't remember where they came from (the cardigan and the stockings) and items I have thrifted (boots, bag, necklace), the sunglasses came from one of the local Chemists (they are my favourite pair... just need to retrieve them from my friends place where I left them! Silly me) and the dress came from eBay (second hand so can't link you to the actual item, sorry). I love this dress because it's a nice colour that suits layering in this crisp and slightly unpredictable weather, it also has little bright coloured birds on it which I think are just darling (see the last picture for a slightly closer look of the pattern.

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