Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Outfit: Back in Black

Over the weekend I went to my brother's 30th birthday party, I did't take many photos (I'm a terrible blogger, I know!) but I did make sure I took some outfit snaps before I left. Before I ramble on about the clothes and the night and all sorts of other completely unrelated things, as I'm prone to do, just let me appologise for the photo quality. I'm a complete tech dunce and can't figure out why my (meagre though they are) edits will not import onto the blog - time to upgrade from basic iPhoto, I think! (any suggestions greatly appreciated! Must be cheap and idiot proof...)

Anyway, back to the clothes. Aside from my beloved London bus bag from Modcloth (Doesn't seem to be available anymore but you could still spend hours getting lost on their site) all the rest of my outfit has either been given to me or I've had in my closet for ages (Scarf, boots, cardigan - thrifted; Hat, leather jacket - old; dress - gifted from my best friends closet).

My brother's party was great, the theme was black which I only broke a little by adding splashes of red to my outfit! My sister in law and her family basically catered for the whole night and did an amazing job, especially considering the wide array of dietary requirements within my family. overall, a night to remember!

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