Thursday, 12 May 2016

Home Inspiration: Craft Storage

At the moment I'm living in a little rental house I like to refer to as 'the shoebox' this is not a loving term so much as a voicing of my frustration at the fact I can barely fit all my things in the place and end up falling over anything and everything (yes, I am also clumsy but this place is crowded, I promise!) While I have been trying to pare down the amount of stuff I have crammed into this place I'm also dreaming of the, hopefully, not to distant future when I get to move out of this little shoebox and into a much larger space! One of the main things I'm dreaming of is being able to have craft room again so I have been madly scouring Pinterest for all the clever ideas on craft storage so I can transform one of the room in our hopefully-soon-to-be-new-house into a crafting haven.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Buttons displayed in glass jars
2. Gallery wall displaying craft supplies
3. A cluttered but organised desk
4. Shelving unit used to store and display scrapbooking paper
5. Baskets to hide a jumble of supplies
6. A colourful and inspiring notice board
7. Glitter stored in vintage salt and pepper shakers

Click on the number to link through to the sources and to see more of the things that have been inspiring me head to my Craft Room board on Pinterest!

Be sure to link me to any great ideas you have seen in the comments!

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