Thursday, 15 September 2016

Breakfast: Porridge Three Ways

In the colder months there is nothing I like more than a steaming bowl of porridge for breakfast, it's quick, easy and filling. I am really fussy though and can't stand the same thing day in day out so this year I've been trying out a few different combinations of toppings - paired with that all essential cup of tea, of course!

1. Fresh strawberries and blueberries with a small (ok, large) dollop of Nutella - rich and decadent for when you just *need* that chocolate hit.
2. Fresh strawberries drizzled with lashings of sweet maple syrup (the real deal of course - none of that imitation rubbish!)
3. Stewed apples topped with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

A few other combinations to try: Banana & almond butter (or peanut butter if you don't suffer from my allergies); Thawed out frozen berries to add a subtle tangy flavour; chopped nuts or seeds to add a little crunch.

Do you have any foolproof porridge combinations?

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