Monday, 12 September 2016

Weekend Wanderings: 1st Birthday Party

My weekend was a busy one with two birthday parties - one, a joint birthday and housewarming for Mark's bother and his girlfriend, the other my niece's first birthday. The one I want to talk about today is the first birthday of my darling niece. I have photographed the amazing decor and food that my sister-in-law and brother made, I think they did a great job, don't you?

On arrival guests were greeted by a sign all about the birthday girl, her current loves, and milestones. To one side was a table for the gifts and to the other sat party bags for the other small children in attendance.

 Next came the food table - lunch consisted of mini quiches, pizzas, cold meats and cheese as well as dips, biscuits and fruit. The food was a mix of dairy free and gluten free to suit all the dietary needs within my family. The food table was decorated with pretty framed photos from a birthday shoot with the little lady and personalised bunting. Beyond the food table was an area set up with play mats, tunnels and a small ball pit for the youngsters.

Dessert was large and varied consisting of cupcake flowers, various slices, cookies and bliss balls - I wish I could direct you to the recipes but alas I don't have them! Suffice to say not only was the majority of the desserts gluten and lactose free they were also really delicious and certainly did not lack for flavour!

And lastly, the cake! this simple but elegant cake was a gluten free, lactose free chocolate cake made from... (wait for it) quinoa! I had heard of quinoa cakes before but would never have imagined that they would actually work. If I had any complaint to make about the cake it would be that it was far to rich after so many sweets.

Not long after having the cake it was time for the birthday girl's nap so we left to hurry over to our second party for the day! It was a very long day but certainly one to be remembered. I, for one, can't wait for the next reason to celebrate.

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