Friday, 2 September 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week


This week has not gone to plan. Not at all. I was all set to gush in my list about going into Pirie and doing some shopping, I had plans to go and find some much needed craft supplies since all of mine either got thrown out or pack into boxes when I moved and I have a new project I want to start... However I came home and found a sick little puppy had eaten something that did not agree with him at all! I won't go into details because it was horrible, suffice to say he's back to his energetic little puppy self now and I'm desperately trying to find out where to hire a steam cleaner! Poor little dear has also been pining for his best friend Sam, He spent a few days walking around the house crying and his training was all but forgotten until he got used to being by himself - I'm imagining a very happy reunion sometime in his future! But, for all the set backs, I do love that little fuzzy face and I wouldn't change it for the world! Here is my slightly different than expected happy list:

  1. An unexpected morning tea at work, including the most divine banana and white chocolate cupcakes.
  2. Finding the time for a hot cup of tea - the milk had gone off because it was so long since I'd used it but even black it was great to have that time to sit and savour a moment of simplicity during this crazy week (month!)
  3. Waking up during the night to find a rather large puppy snuggled up to me - I have know idea how he got up without waking me but I had to laugh! Poor darling doesn't realise he's going to get far to big to be allowed to sleep on the bed!
  4. Re-watching old episodes of Nigella (some of Forever Summer and Feasts) and being inspired to get back in the kitchen - I now have a lamb roll sitting in the fridge for a weekend roast!  
  5. Winter is over - now someone just has to tell the weather!
  6. Finally watching The Princess and the Frog (just a bit behind the times with that one!) - definitely an underrated movie.
  7. Starting to plan costumes for next years D23 Expo - why, yes, I'm more than a little excited!
  8. Pub pizza on Sunday night - after a long busy weekend it was a perfect easy meal.
  9. Anticipating a weekend at home to catch up on my long to do list.
  10. That moment when I looked down, straight into Akela's eyes, and realised that right in that moment I was his whole world - It made my heart melt to see so much love and devotion focused solely on me.    

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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