Monday, 29 August 2016

Introducing: Akela

I thought my introducing posts were done and then this happened – meet Akela:

One Wednesday evening I drove to Burra and picked up this little bundle of fluff – he’s been in our lives for about two weeks and already he has made a huge dent in our lives! He’s also trying really hard to put a dent in our house! He’s fairly shy but once he gets to know you he has quite a strong and demanding personality. Here’s what you really need to know:

  • His mother was a white shepherd and his father was long haired so he’s very fluffy and will probably have a true long coat.
  • He weighs a little over 10kgs and he’s only about 10 weeks old.
  • He is named after the head wolf in The Jungle Book – being the kind of people we are we have taken the Disney pronunciation rather than the one used in scouts.
  • His nickname is Oops as in ‘oops, I just bought another German Shepherd’
  • He suffers from separation anxiety and cries whenever I leave the room.
  • He's a typical little puppy and has to get his teeth into everything!
  • He's already wholeheartedly stolen my heart!

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