Monday, 8 August 2016

Introducing: Fox Mulder

This is Mulder:

Welcome to the last of my 'introducing' posts! Whew, it's been quite a ride... I've enjoyed doing this coverage on my little furry family so much I might still do the occasional update and maybe even the story of Jacks transition from four to three legs... see how I go! But for today we have the baby of the family: Fox Mulder. I had a hard time picking photos of Mulder for this post, he's such a little poser that I had far too many! Here's the vital stats on this little man:

  • He might be the smallest of the bunnies but he has the biggest personality - he's always getting into mischief and he's the only one who stands up to the cat without fail.
  • He is quite the little house keeper and periodically rearranges all the hay in their box, he also rearranges the blankets on the couch and whatever jumper or jacket I happen to be wearing.
  • Just like Daisy, Mulder is a 'faulty' lop, in his case he has one ear fully lopped and the other not at all - I call it his radar ear.
  • Mulder and Scully have a very strong pair bond - they are inseparable and rely on each other completely. They can often be seen grooming each other and sleep side by side.
  • Mulder is really clever and has an adventurous spirit, he is never content to sit still and likes to explore the house. He even figured out how to climb the set of shelves where I use to keep the pet supplies (as evident in the photos!) 
  • Mulder is a very happy bunny and binkys regularly, he is clearly the most outgoing and flamboyant of the lot of them!

^ The reason the pet supplies are now kept in an enclosed cupboard! 

^ The little vandal got into the pellets - for reference I don't use these cheap pellets regularly they are just a stop gap when I'm waiting for an order of Oxbow (or similar)

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