Friday, 5 August 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week

Despite being itchy and unwell this week I wanted to get back to my little posts of happiness, not only are they a nice little update and record of my day to day life, they remind me to be grateful and despite how bad I've been feeling physically there are a few things that made me very happy this week.

  1. Anticipating Sam (the big yellow lab in the photo) coming to stay for a few days - I may be more than a little scared about whether the house is going to remain intact but I do love that big boofy animal!
  2. Thick slices of crusty french toast for breakfast last Sunday morning - bliss.
  3. Reading riddles and poems by Lewis Carroll in the beautiful volume of his work that my dear father gifted me.
  4. Some promising news about our living arrangements - I won't say too much as everything is still up in the air but it's made me a little more optimistic that I might be sharing some good news soon - watch this space!
  5. Connecting with new people online - I've joined a wonderful group of like minded people where we support one another, share craft ideas and connect based on mutual interests, all due to reading on of my favourite blogs Epbot.
  6. My new tattoos - both have immense meaning to me and every time I look at them I'm reminded of why I got them. Full story and photos to come. 
  7. Scully crawling into my lap as I fed them last night - despite many misconceptions bunnies are highly affectionate members of the family!
  8. I never thought I'd say this but... the cold weather! Suffering through these allergies is infinitely easier when it's not 40 degrees outside!
  9. Watching the cat's joy when the power came back on after a blackout and the printer started whirring - I swear she thinks we put it there specially for her!
  10. Hot porridge with stewed apples and cinnamon sugar on cold mornings - winter, you might just be winning me over!  
*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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