Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wishlist: Decor

Can you tell I'm getting really excited about home decor lately? Those that know me IRL know that up until late last year I lived in my own home before circumstances changed and I had to move out into a rental. The house I owned was liveable but not pretty so I spent a lot of time stripping things back and repainting or fixing things up and I really miss it! I did't realise just how hard it was going to be to move back into a rental and have to live with all it's issues. Because I can't (read: it would be a waste of time and money) repaint or gut the bathroom and start again I am focusing that time into figuring out exactly how I want things to look. This involves trawling through websites for decor inspiration and ideas: enter wish lists. Here's a few of my latest finds from House & Garden and Kmart (click the links under the photo to shop the items).

Lets take a second to talk about Kmart - it has a negative reputation as being cheap and nasty but wow do they have some good stuff at the moment! Yes, they are cheap but I have to say the things I have purchased from them have been the same quality as stores with much higher price points - colour me impressed! All in all, I'm not at all ashamed of my current love of Kmart! (for the record: This is not sponsored, just passing on how I feel)

I'll quit rambling on now - I think the theme amongst this little collection is self evident without me having to point it out. I like what I like! What do you think? Does marble and pink have a place in your decor?

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