Thursday, 4 August 2016

Homewares Haul

Well hello there, once again I find the week is nearly over and my schedule has been left by the wayside, this time I was knocked down by my allergies and have felt under the weather and extremely itchy all week. Needless to say I have not felt like dressing up or putting on my make up since both those things can extend the duration of my issue - I won't go into any more details as it's not pretty!

Never fear tho, for in absence of a pretty outfit I bring you some very colourful homewares that I bought a few weeks back. I've always been torn between decorating in earthy tones or in bright colours but I think we have finally decided on a colour scheme. With this in mind we are embracing the pastel shades of pink, yellow and teal (with the occasional splash of red, since that is one of Mark's favourite colours - and how can you have Mickey Mouse without red tones!) To satisfy my desires for soft earthy neutrals our base will be soft creams, browns and greys with lots of texture! One of these days I might put a little mood board together so you all can see what we have in mind.

In any case, I've rambled enough - to the pictures (said like an adventuring knight with sword raised high!)

Fruit bowl // Mixing bowls // Cloth napkins (sold)// Place mats (sold)// Flamingo ice trays (sold)// Breakfast heaven book // Peg caddy (similar)

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