Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Life lately: Extremely busy!

Pretty flowers always brighten the day!

These last few weeks have been crazy, I feel like I haven’t stopped running and I desperately need a little down time! Now, don’t get me wrong many of the things that have kept me busy have been good things – catching up with my best, Julia; going to the football with my dad, but they haven’t really been relaxing! In amongst these good things have been a lot of hard work. I’ve been busy helping Mark’s father sort and pack things before he moves house, trying to clean, reorganise and puppy proof my house (mostly to fit a few extra bits of furniture in) AND to top it all off I’ve been called into work this week. I can’t remember when I last had a hot cup of tea let alone a hot breakfast, I’ve been existing off of only a few hours of broken sleep and my to do list is growing faster than I can cross stuff off and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon! On the plus side once it’s all come together I’m going to have lots to share – I’ve got some pretty exciting projects on the go – watch this space!

Tea and apple + cinnamon porridge - Winning combo that I'm certainly missing!

Watching: The cat slowly start to warm up to the new puppy
Reading: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
Listening to: Soothing music by The Corrs (one of my absolute favourites)
Cooking: Roasted sweet potato and bean quesadillas 
Feeling: Tired but optimistic
Planning: My next few weekends - they are already looking jam packed!
Loving: My very large furry family
Enjoying: Cuddles with Akela

Brunch with Julia and her family last week - yum!

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