Friday, 19 August 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week

The last couple of weeks have been a combination of busy, happy and a little bit stressful. I've had very little sleep over the last few days and feel like given half a chance I'd be able to sleep for a week! However, for once, my sleepless nights are due to an exciting little development... That face above! So since listing him 10 times is probably a cheat here's what's been making me happy:

  1. Akela - yes, that little German Shepherd puppy that I can't stop talking about! He's captured my heart already.
  2. Catching up with one of my best friends last weekend for her birthday brunch.
  3. Some lovely sunny days - no, not today but we did have some signs of spring earlier this week!
  4. Sorting and rearranging things in my room - turns out I have a floor after all.
  5. A very good friend's sweet messages about Akela despite the fact she doesn't like dogs - I'm so very grateful for this unconditional support!
  6. New music by Green Day (ok, so that was the end of last week but it's too good to leave out)
  7. The way Mark pushed me to contact the people selling the puppies even though our place is far from ready for a puppy - he knew how much I love shepherds and just how perfect these ones were (long haired cross white) and pushed to get one despite the inconvenience it's going to cause him. He even messaged the people himself to make sure we didn't miss out while I was umming and ahing. It might be the sweetest thing I've experienced!
  8. Finally getting my hands on a cookbook I've wanted for ages.  
  9. Listening to some old favourites in the car on the way to and from Burra on Wednesday. 
  10. Finishing books - it's just so satisfying crossing another one off of my list.

*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***


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