Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Life Lately: Wednesday Update

The last few weeks have been crazy busy between work and the menagerie of animals and finding time to write posts has been hard, let alone finding the content! no one wants to hear about my job, after all! He's a quick update on the little things that have been filing my life lately:

Watching: Stranger Things - Well, I just finished it and loved it! Cannot wait for the next season.
Reading: Wizard and Glass (Book #4 of Stephen King's Dark Tower series)
Listening to: Comeback Kid by The Band Perry
Cooking: Lamb Yiros - one of my easy go to meals for busy days.
Feeling: Tired but relieved - I spent most of last night up with a dog who had broken into the dog food container and was feeling very sorry for himself! He's definitely feeling better now he's gotten it all out of his system.
Planning: A better system for storing the dog food!
Loving: My dear father and his wife for coming up and helping me clear the weeds from the back yard.
Enjoying: Some solid days at work before the holidays.

Little things of note:

  • Akela's ears have now reach the crazy stage - one is almost always up (if a little sideways) and the other one is still firmly down. My little puppy is growing up too quickly!
  • The internet has been S.L.O.W... like, shoot me now, slow. I'm assured it's because they are working on the NBN and that it will all be worth it but in the mean time it's less than fun.
  • I've been grappling with this Twitter thing - I'm not sure I'm convinced but I guess time will tell! (link at the bottom of post if you want to follow along with my awkward Twittering)
  • I'm more than a little sad that spring seems to have given way to winter again.
  • Those faces up there at the top of this post... they are making me pretty happy at the moment! 

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