Friday, 10 June 2016

10 things that have made me happy this week

Todays late post comes to you courtesy of a very busy day, a good day but busy none the less. And by busy of course I mean that most of it was spent with the bunnies (yes, there was some playing with them mixed in with cleaning out their play pens, I just can't resist those little faces!) Of course I did more than that but this post is not designed to dwell on such things as housework or two hour drives! This week has been a bit of a slow one overall, in terms of happy things, mostly dreary weather and work but here's what brightened the days for me:

  1. A new set of coloured pencils - my previous set only had 12 pencils this new one makes it much easier to use a diverse range of colours, which I find much more pleasing to the eye.
  2. The new issue of Collective Hub magazine - devoured with a cup of tea and a purring cat on my lap. Bliss.
  3. Watching old episodes of the X-Files - still one of my favourite shows after all these years.
  4. Realising I'm still going to get a two day weekend at home, even after a night in Gawler - bring on the long weekend.
  5. Cuddles with Tribbles on cold mornings - she's the perfect hot water bottle.
  6. Mark getting home from work before me and welcoming me home with all the heaters going.
  7. Keeping up with the news of Fuzzy Pants - while her story begins horribly she is an amazing soul who is finally getting the treatment she deserve. I've been so happy to see that she has successfully undergone surgery and is now on the mend. Hopefully her case brings rabbit welfare into the spotlight so more beautiful animals are given the treatment they deserve. 
  8. Watching the cat explore under the slip cover of the arm chair - not at all where she was supposed to be but certainly made me laugh. 
  9. BBQ dinner tonight with family - good food and great company, you don't get better than that. 
  10. Trying out now makeup techniques - made me feel confident all day. 

Because you can't talk about a cat spelunking under the slip cover without photographic evidence. 
*** Happy sharing inspired by Rosie ***

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