Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Weekend Wanderings: Martindale Hall

After a lovely lunch at Mi Casa (Review here if you missed it) we all (My father, his wife, Mark and I) paid a visit to Martindale Hall a historic building, built in around 1880, which is set up as a museum. We particularly wanted to see this building again as not only is it one of my favourite places but its future as a museum is currently under question. This beautiful old building is one of a kind and is such an important part of South Australian history, not only for its stunning architecture but also for its part in Australian film - this beauty of a house was one of the locations used in the iconic film Picnic at Hanging Rock. If you haven't been there then I highly suggest a visit to lend your support to this amazing place. If you care about history and don't want to see this lovely building taken away from the people check out this Facebook page and lend your support to the National Trust's bid to return this place to it's former glory. Now I'll climb down off of my soap box and let the photos (and there are a lot - this place is a gem) do the talking: 

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