Monday, 27 June 2016

Mi Casa

On the weekend we (Mark and I) took a quick trip into the Clare Valley to meet up with my dad and his wife. First stop was Mi Casa, the new Mexican restaurant just out of Clare. We arrived a little early so I took full advantage of the fact I had a driver for the day and did a little cheeky wine tasting before we sat down to lunch. 

We all decided that since we had not been there before we should order the tasting plate and ordered two for the table. These included lamb tostadas, chilli verde pork tacos, marinated chicken drumettes and stuffed mushrooms. I personally found the pork tacos to be a wee bit too spicy, but I also have a famously low tolerance for anything hot, and it still paired nicely with the lime margarita they had as the drinks special (some drinks just need to be paired with spicy food it seems). Since it was the weekend and therefore a cheat day we also ordered dessert. My dad and his wife shared the vanilla sponge with strawberries and Mark and I shared the chocolate kahlua cake - I can't speak for the others but the kahlua cake was definatly as good as it looks! Over all I'm really looking forward to going back again and trying some more of their menu, especially since all of their menu is gluten free and there are many vegetarian options. While neither of those things are necessary for me they do apply to most of my family and it's great to have found a place that caters to at least some of their varied dietary requirements!

Tune in tomorrow to read about the next stop on our afternoon in the Clare Valley (otherwise know as 'I took too many photos so I'm splitting the day into two posts!')
A xx

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