Monday, 13 June 2016

Introducing: Tribbles

Meet Tribbles:

Tribbles is a rescue kitten, she was found discarded in an old beer carton on the side of the road at the end of April 2014. I didn't think she was going to survive the first night as she had a bad wheeze and I didn't know if she had been hurt when she was thrown out of the car window (the box had been thrown off of the side of an overpass and landed next to a road). After I nursed her back to health I knew she was going to be a keeper! Here's the important info:

  • She is named after the tribbles from Star Trek because she made a high pitched trilling noise when she was a kitten (she still does occasionally and I have been told it's like and extreme purr and means she is exceptionally happy)
  • She is extremely talkative and will walk around the house meowing loudly to get attention.
  • She is both affectionate and playful, she hates being left alone and loves cuddles and endless games (usually involving biting something)
  • Her favorite person is Mark, she was always very scared of people but she took to him within hours of me moving in. 
  • She has a permanent but mild wheeze due to her early case of feline flu, while it doesn't really affect her health she does sound like she is snoring sometimes.
  • Food is about her favourite thing ever, followed closely by snuggles and biting things.

What do you mean you have to work?

The assembling cats always be sure to read the instruction

She likes to throw things off the coffee table... then attack the furniture. Cat logic. 

While I was never really a cat person before I found Tribbles, I can't imagine life without her.
A xx

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