Monday, 20 June 2016

Introducing: Hutchinson

This is Hutchinson. My first bunny. The bunny set up requires a little more explanation, so they are hard to set out as individual introducing posts, but I will do my best! I have 4 bunnies, 2 bonded pairs. Each bonded pair contains a male and a female rabbit (they are all desexed) but the two pairs do NOT get on at all so one pair lives in the laundry while the other pair lives in the kitchen for the most part. ALL my bunnies are house bunnies and get time out in the main part of the house daily. Here's what you need to know about Hutchinson:  

  • Hutchinson was found in the middle of a paddock just after easter 2015, my suspicion has always been that he was bought for easter and then dumped when the festivities had worn off (unfortunately a common occurrence)
  • Despite the grumpy face he is quite affectionate often giving me 'kisses' on my hands or neck.
  • Hutchinson has many nicknames including Hutch, Hutchy and Mr Grumpy Face.
  • His full name is Mr Hutch Hutchinson  - While he was originally just named Hutchinson all the other bunnies has full names so we added in Hutch as his first name. 
  • He has been assigned the role of Private Investigator as his name sounds like something out of an old film... plus he clearly likes to investigate things!
  • The other half of his pair is Daisy (more on her next week) - The love each other but they have very independent personalities and often spend time sleeping on seperate shelves. 
  • Hutchinson is the only one of my rabbits who conforms to the standard conformation of his breed (he is a dwarf lop)
  • He is very fastidious and spends large amounts of time 'cleaning' his house, this mostly involves him rearranging the bedding and throwing things out onto the floor.

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