Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Outfit: Cottage in the Forest

Given my penchant for pop culture references in my titles a part of me really wanted to name this post 'Cabin in the Woods' however, I restrained the urge and used the much friendlier sounding 'Cottage in the Forest.' I do find it interesting how word choice can bring such different meanings to a phrase when essentially the words mean the same thing. Anyway, off of that tangent, I thought I would showcase my beloved blanket coat. It's become a staple in my wardrobe and definitely my go to when I get a last minute phone call to go into work, it's only downside is that I can't wear it when I teach Tech, which is often. Paired with jeans, a soft shirt and my tall boots it made the perfect outfit for a weekend dog walk in the forest (my old trusty pair of ankle boots decided to start letting the water into them so I sadly had to say goodbye - now I'm on the hunt for the a new pair).  I've been embracing much looser and free flowing styles recently, what do you think, do I pull it off? would you wear something like it? 

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